Blueberry Coffee & Unicorn Cats – FTW!!!

Now … I’ve got some super interesting, totally awesome, fan-fricking-tastic news to share!!! It’s so awesome in fact, it’s hard for me to contain myself.

Like, at all. In any spectrum. Of any timeframe. Within any world. For any reason.

But, I’m totally prepping your letdown. I’m totally gearing you up to stomp on your Cheetos, your Fritos and your Doritos. I’m totally saddened to tell you: IT’S NOT TIME TO REVEAL THAT BIG SHE-BANG JUST YET.

I’m so so sorry. More sorry than you could ever imagine. Because I definitely want to divulge this oh-so-cool information.

But, I cant.

I just can’t.

And, I won’t.

I just won’t.

But, stay tuned … It’s coming MUUUUUCH sooner than you realize.

So, let’s do a random “Mindblown” post this week.

I need my mind blown away

Eh? (<—-This. Just for my Canadian family in Toronto. Hollaaaa!)

Speaking of Canadians, eh?? My brother and his wife came to visit (from Canada, in case there was any confusion which tends to happen when I rant because I talk so much. But, I’m completely okay with the fact that I talk so much because I’ve had thirty-one years to get used to it. Man, that’s a long time. Thirty-one years. Did I seriously just out myself and give my age?! Dangit! Wait … I think we were originally talking about Hosers and Canadians, right? So, in the famous words of Billy Madison, “I’m here to learn, everybody, not to make out with you. Go on with the chlorophyll.”) …

Hmmm mmm ::::clears throat:::

Like I was saying: My brother and his wife came to visit a few weeks back. We had so much flippin fun! And, there really was some flippin’ going on, in the form of my brother body slamming, contorting and wrapping my husbands’ body up like a pretzel whenever he pleased.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu FTW!!!


Anyways, one of the great adventures we embarked on was a fantastic little coffee shop in downtown Tulsa called Topeca Coffee.

Say it, repeat it, say it again, repeat it again, burn it into memory and never forget it. T-O-P-E-C-A Coffee.


I had the BEST cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my entire life! And, you already know I’m old so, that’s a LONG time. And, I had NO idea this quaint lil’ shop existed. I had no idea I was minutes, I mean seconds, I mean within walking distance of my daily life. (Ok, that’s a bit dramatic. It’s actually a few miles. but, who’s counting? Definitely not me. And I’m sure you’re awesome enough to do the same. Not count. Don’t do it.}

Their daily special was a cup of “Ethiopian Blend Coffee”. I had NO idea what that meant. Like, at all. I was used to generic Folgers, Maxwell House or Starbucks. And, I’m not knocking the day to day cup-o-joe. I’m just sayin’ there’s something super exhilarating about a special cup of REALLY good coffee. And, I now know what that means thanks to Topeca Coffee.

My first sip was mind boggling. It made no sense. How could coffee taste like a berry. And, I’m not talking about cheap flavoring … I’m talking about a sweet berry infused into a robust coffee bean. Absolutely authentic. It was always meant to have been there. Coffee was always supposed to taste like this. And, I was deprived my entire life for not knowing this information.

I was mindblown.

The taste was so rare, so sweet, so refined, so beautifully crafted … It couldn’t possibly be real.

Add a dash of real cream and a half packet of Splenda and BOOM!

Holy Cow-bells of Oklahoma. I was in love.

So, I took another sip, then another, and one more. Until I had to ask for another cup because I had successfully devoured the contents of my first treat, thoroughly enjoying myself more than anyone could imagine a person could enjoy themselves while drinking a single cup of coffee.

Yeah. That all happened within 10 oz of liquid awesomeness.

I got my second cup to go and raved about it as I equally had the first. With each sip, my lips and tongue melted into pure bliss. I left the coffee shop that day with a new appreciation for a great cup of coffee.

So, if you’re ever in Tulsa. Please check out Topeca Coffee. Here’s a quick link for your viewing pleasure. But, be careful … You can SMELL, literally soak into your taste buds, the robustness of their coffee. YUM.

Topeca_2 bags

After this little adventure and my brother and sister-in-law headed home, I was bummed thinking about how I would only get to drink this coffee when I made a visit to their shop. Because my scatter-brained mess of a mind forgot to think about buying any to take home.

::::cue mom walking in with the most brilliant invention ever thought of::::

There stood my mother with a bag of Dunkin Donuts Blueberry Muffin Coffee in hand. She simply shrugged and smiled. And, my return grin ate my face up with beaming delight! I would have never even contemplated testing this flavor of coffee prior to my trip to Topeca. Never.

Because it doesn’t make sense.

There’s no way a berry could taste good in coffee.

That would be disgusting.



Now, let’s talk about a little thing called …



Heck. Who am I kidding?! It’s not little. It’s so big, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man cringes in fear at the thought of it’s appearance.

Like, for REAL.

This coffee has changed my life. Literally. Unequivocally. Changed-My-Life. (And, that’s not a dramaticism … That’s plain TRUTH.)

Once my mom brewed that very first pot:




To say I exploded with excitement would be the understatement of the year.

1.) Because I found something that closely matched the Ethiopian blend from Topeca!

2.) Because it literally is the best everyday cup-o-joe coffee I’ve ever had. And, I love coffee just in case you missed that.

I was totally ecstatic to weave this delightful treat into my daily routine. Because, coffee has always been an “event” in my family. And, when I say, “event”, I mean just that. An event (just so we’re clear.) We have our “morning coffee” just as you would watch your morning news or take your morning shower. We have our “afternoon coffee” just as you would take your afternoon nap or watch your afternoon soap. And, sometimes we even have our evening coffee just as you would … well, you get the point.

I have successfully drank this coffee since my first experience with it. Not to miss a single serving. And, it never gets old. I’ll never be rid of it. I should probably buy stock in it.

So, head on down to your local grocery store and pick up a bag! I promise: you WON’T be disappointed. Ever. I mean E-V-E-R.*

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that the brewing strength varies when brewing this deliciousness within a Kuerig reusable K-Cup. It depends on the size of your Kuerig and the brand of your K-Cup. I find the industrial size Kuerig’s work fantastically with the “MochaMate” brand which I use daily at work.




Now, don’t get mad at my Unicorn Cat just because you didn’t come up with it. I’d like to thank my anonymous friend for introducing me to Facebook stickers!!!! They’re hilarious and ridiculous and fun and make no sense but, I don’t care!


And, yes, I’m very well aware that I have a case of the “random weirdness”. I embrace it whole-heartedly. And, I hope you do too.