Kim Raye

Bio: 20 things you DON'T know about me but definitely need to know: 1.) I am a musician. I’ve sang over half of my life most often with my mother who is a skilled pianist. 2.) I played 10 years of competitive fastpitch softball which led to playing 10 years of co-ed softball. 3.) I learned to slalom waterski at the age of 10. I still enjoy it to this day. 4.) I own my own dirtbike. That’s right. It’s not my husbands. IT’S MINE. 5.) I play expert on the drums and guitar for both Guitar Hero and Band Hero. 6.) I’m deathly afraid of street sweepers 7.) I once danced so hard that I puked hotdogs. I didn’t eat another hotdog for 10 years. 8.) When I was little, I used to throw spikey balls from the top of a gumball tree at passer-by cars. 9.) My bicycle was a tricked out bmx racing bike when I was younger. 10.) I used to think that people fell out of the roller coaster when it went upside down. 11.) I don’t like to wear shoes ever. But, I do like to wear fun toe socks always. 12.) I can do like 20 double unders in a row with a jump rope. 13.) I hate lima beans 14.) I took "Street Dancing" for 2 years when I was a young'n. 15.) I'm a quarter Japanese. I'm very proud of my heritage. 16.) I won a spelling bee in seventh grade. 17.) My freshman and sophomore English teacher was PC Cast. Yes, I'm serious. (We knew her as Mrs. Hepner) 18.) I'm very familiar with fighter jets. My dad was a crewchief on them. 19.) I make lists for everything. My close friends call me the "List Lady". 20.) I have a kick ace leapord gecko named Shinobi Yamori Godzirra. This is Japanese for "Godzirra! (because Japanese people have trouble with their L's) the Ninja Ground Gecko" 21.) I'm addicted to coffee, Facebook, The Lake, and Charlie Hunnam. 22.) There is nothing better than laughing. Period. 23.) I obviously cannot count. Describe yourself in 10 words and hurry because people are getting bored and tired of your banter ... 1.) Hyper 2.) Talkative 3.) Witty 4.) Creative 5.) Charasmatic 6.) Animated 7.) Adventurous 8.) Passionate 9.) Abrupt 10.) Awesome

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