Life and the Lessons we learn

A look back at 2013 and the things that stuck with me.


Stop Judging people. It makes you ugly. It makes you grow horns. And, it’s only for immature brats who need to get a life … Said, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN HISTORY SINCE 1942.


It’s false.

Not true, bogus, phony, fictitious, not genuine, F-A-K-E.

And, if you believe you don’t judge, you’ve obviously taken a hiatus from reality by jumping on the delusional train.


There is absolutely no way to NOT judge. It’s IMPOSSIBLE. It’s human nature. We all do it, every single day, multiple times a day without batting an eye. And, just because you won’t admit it doesn’t make you any better than the Joe-Blow next to you who’s talking trash beneath his breath just loud enough for half the city bus to hear.

You are the same. You’re still thinking it. He just said it out loud.


“Did she really just say that?”

Yes. As a matter of fact, I did. So, let’s move on.

Instead of focusing on your unattainable goal of “not judging”, how about we focus on something within reach, something within the same realm of our world we call Earth. How about we learn to CATCH our self when we judge, CORRECT our attitude and REDIRECT our focus.

Yeah! Let’s do that!


Now, that’s achievable. That’s realistic.

See, when we learn to embrace our imperfections, we learn to base our actions on the reality of who we are. Instead of putting so much stock in attempting to be who we aren’t. We aren’t perfect. So, there’s no reason to try and achieve that.

People judge. They do it all the time.


Is it right?


Will it stop?


But, if we learn to catch ourselves when we start to judge, when we’re too focused on occupying our thoughts with things that probably aren’t even our business (think about that real long and hard. Most often we judge something that doesn’t even pertain to us or affect us), we can learn to curb that and tell our brains to “hush!”


After all, what good does feeding into this judgment actually do? What payoff do you get? Aren’t their things in your own life worth the energy and effort you are wasting on the perusal of someone else’s actions, choices, conversations, clothing, home, work, parenting, etc??

::::Cue Jeopardy music::::

Your kids and spouse say “thank you” for returning this past wasted time, energy, effort and focus – back to them.


Integrity Always wins!

No matter how hard that battle is, stay loyal to your integrity. Because inevitably, that little devil on your shoulder will surface. He’ll somehow show his puny disgusting face to tempt you.

devil-and-angel-cartoonHe’ll offer an appealing deal that’s near impossible to pass up. But, the catch always seems to be laced with dishonesty and dishonorable intentions making your stomach twist into knots. You’re conflicted with taking the deal yet so desperate to free yourself from the heaviness. And, you’re flesh takes over brewing a sense of urgency and fear.


So, you take it. You swallow the prickly uneasy feeling. And, shut out every troubled emotion racking against the wall of your brain. You argue with yourself, weighing all the strife and anxiety you’ve been facing. You remind yourself how necessary it was to untangle the straightjacket tightly secured around your finances, your job, your marriage, your home, or whatever it is that plagues you. And, you wait for the solace that should come with this solution you’ve just taken. You take the deal even though deep down, you know you should have waited for something else.

And, inevitably it restarts the vicious cycle you attempted to derail yourself from or makes it worse.

::::insert deafening silence::::

When you feel weary, when you’re soul does not seem at ease with a decision … it’s probably because it’s NOT THE RIGHT DECISION.

RethinkAs HARD as life seems to be and as desperate as you may feel …


Wait for the sunlight to peer through the ominous gray skies. Let it extend its rays like an outstretched helping hand. Let its warmth blanket your desperation with a serenity and peace. Let it offer a paved yellow brick road as a reward for your patience with no strings attached, no dishonesty or dishonorable intentions included.


Walk in integrity.

Choose honesty.

Make decisions based on peace and not anxiousness or hopelessness.

The reward is a hundred times above and beyond anything that little craptastic devil could give you.

I am living proof of this.


A baby magically appeared in my belly. Whoa.


I became a TWO YEAR non smoker. Yes, I smoked for 14 years prior. I am a HUGE advocate of the electronic cigarette.


I met Jamie McGuire (three times – I need an intervention), Colleen Hoover, Abbi Glines and Tammara Webber! Holy Cowsies! These authors are the greatest thing since sliced bread with peanut butter and grape jam!


I recorded an oh-so-neato announcement video with my baby daddy broadcasting the way soon arrival of my bun in the oven. This was the greatest “Dancing in the car video” hubs and I have ever done. However, Youtube flagged it for the Beiber song. But, this is almost equally as cool. Gender reveal FTW!

I had lunch with Jamie Mcguire and family. YES! I’m thankful for her. That is all.


I experienced my first Lake Tenkiller Party cove adventure while PREGNANT. It was – meh. I decided to read instead.


I had three rockin baby showers thanks to my wonderful besties, close family and work peeps.


My water broke, labor almost killed me (causing me to almost kill hubs) and BOOM! For unto us a child is born.

20130813_090601 PicsArt_1376436304898

I experienced the worst sports injury I’ve ever had since the beginning of my softball career at age 9! My nose was broken. I looked like a clingon.


I started this blog! And, people actually read it?!?!


I had BOTH mom and dad sides of the family TOGETHER in my home when my brother and sis-n-law came to visit from Oh Canada! (eh?)


I got a rad-tad-tad-tastic new job! Badabing! Badaboom!


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