Fiction vs Reality: The power of the imagination

Now hold up!

Before you get your panties in a tiddly biddly wad, hear me out.

I’m not asking you to agree with every single aspect of this post.

I’m simply asking you to entertain the thought of what I’m spelling out.

So, stop huffin’ and puffin’, breath and proceed.

One of my fondest childhood memories was the fraction of time I spent in the mornings prior to leaving for elementary school. I either walked down our cul-de-sac street to the Lee’s or my mom dropped me off on her way to work. I always ate a single warmed strawberry pop tart. And, it was always coated with more butter than humanly safe to consume. (Not because Mignon LET me per say. But, because I would sneak more when she wasn’t looking.)

I plopped my skinny bum down on the floor in front of the television. And, I impatiently waited for the greatest of great movies to begin. It never got old. Ever. And, I was always equally excited to see it.
A chorus of strings flowed through the projection tube’s speakers. They were synthesized and hauntingly beautiful. An owl swept across the lines of the opening credits. He was curious and agile. He brushed each neon letter glowing against the darkness of the background. And, he stared directly into my eyes luring me with each move like a tiny bee to its honey.

As the letters diminished, the camera zeroed in on a single doe-eyed girl. Her cheeks flushed as she recited the most exquisite script of words. They flowed like a fountain of innocence trickling over her lips. She stood alone in the middle of a faded green lawn. Clouds hanging low overhead.  They reflected against the silent pond of water behind her. She was dressed in flowing ivory and lace. A midieval gown. And, she was troubled. Very very troubled.

In that moment, I was …



Completely Smitten

Utterly Enchanted

The story continued showcasing the evil Goblin King, his wicked minions, the damsel who has lost her brother and the grave battle she accepts to bring him home. The bravery displayed fascinated me. Every gruesome and disfigured monster intrigued me. Every drop of mystical magic flipped my minds imagination switch. Every hair-raising scene splashed with twisted manipulation riveted every cell of my being.

It was such a wonderful experience.

It STILL remains one of my all time favorite movies.

The Labyrinth starring Jennifer Connely and David Bowie




But, then I grew up. We grew up.

And, people started casting judgment saying these things were wicked and full of witchcraft. The adventure-filled and creative visionaries behind these productions were demented, and of the devil.

I was so crushed. Absolutely crushed.

I sat down with my mom, eyes pleading for an explanation. I needed something that grounded me. I begged for some kind of understanding. I couldn’t be crazy for enjoying the ride these stories took me on my entire life, right?

My mom proceeded to remind me of the foundation that was laid within me many years ago. She reiterated the difference between reality and imagination. And, she encouragedif I ever jaded the two of them too closely together, that soft guiding voice on the inside would kindly correct me. As long as I always paid attention, He would keep me on track or guide me back to where I needed to be. And, it wouldn’t be from a judgmental standpoint of hate. It would always be out of love. There was nothing wrong with the fun and creativity behind the awesomeness of imagination. And, there never would be. I had a sturdy foundation of reality.

So, can I ask you a question?

What happened to the power of imagination and when did the fun of it get twisted into an accusational mess? When did the excitement we shared as children tapping into the creative side of our brain, turn into something so bad?

When did people start crushing those dreams?

Our dreams

My dreams

When did parents stop encouraging their children to enjoy their imagination while reinforcing the stability of truth and reality within them?

Creativity is powerful.

Imagination is powerful.

It should be nurtured.

It should be praised.

How bout we work on the basics when they’re young?  This will only help to not worry about said “imagination” getting off balance or out of hand as they get older? Ya know? What a novel idea, right?
And, speaking of novels … what’s the dang difference in reading a good fiction novel with a hint of romance versus watching any evening CBS, NBC, FX, or etc show?


Heck, even some of the old time movies and television shows sneak in some,


Sex. Yep, I said it. Sex.

And, those of you who are squirming in your seats while reading this part, most likely are the ones who watched those shows while you thought no one was looking.

Like I said: let the voice on the inside guide you.

I’m so thankful I have a good balance of reality within my wild world of imagination.

If I didn’t nurture the creative side of my life, I would be a stagnant and murky puddle of mud.

Going through the motions of life like a drone.


Now go rent a great movie with your spouse, pick up a fantastic novel to read in your chaise lounge or play a good game of middle earth with your kids.

PS: I’ve got TONS of good books I can recommend! Message me if you’d like suggestions.

PPS: Thanks for reading and attempting to understand my mess of thoughts.


If you invented something spectacular, would you want to be buried WITHIN it when you die?

Any takers?



Well, the inventor of Pringles, Frederic Baur did just that! Yep. He did. Did it. Done It. Voila!

He died in 2008, was cremated and buried WITHIN a Pringles can.

I mean, seriously? What the heck is wrong with people?

Did you know there is an actual FEAR OF DINNER CONVERSATIONS?!?!

Next time you’reat someone’s house having dinner and you DON’T want to be there, tell them you have “Deipnophobia”. This simply means just that: The fear of dinner conversations.

And, you’re welcome. (Please Instagram this entire charade and send it to me – thanks.)

You can visit a waterfall at dusk and see MOONBOWS!

This is a nighttime RAINBOW! Yes, I’m flippin serious! So flippin serious in fact, that I just stood up and did a little fun dance. There is such a thing as a MOONBOW! Now, who wants to buy me a plane ticket to somewhere with vastly beautiful waterfalls so I can experience said, moonbows?




If you had the opportunity to live ANYWHERE in the world, where would it be and why?

A few months ago I would have said ANYWHERE in Australia because, lets face it, who DOESN’T want to hear an Aussie speak on a daily basis? And, who DOESN’T want to learn to surf the ridge of the Aussie shore??????

Welllllllllll … Now, I can say – THIS GIRL.

Did you know 9 out of 10 of the worlds deadliest animals and insects LIVE, BREATH, and KILL in Australia? Oh my freaking gosh! That’s NOT ok. I’ll stick to the lake and Oklahoma, thank you!

Yawning is SO contagious … it can spread to dogs and monkeys.

You liked it and you know it.



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